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Welcome to 400EX Central, the website committed to fans of the Honda 400EX.  I have had my 400EX since August of 2003.  I have loved them since they were introduced in the fall of 1998.  It was the fastest production four-stroke quad at that time.  It was the only quad of it's kind until Suzuki released the Z400 in the summer of 2002.  They are outdated now compared to the YFZ450s and 450Rs, but the 400EX will always have a place in our hearts as the start of high performance four-strokes.  If you love the 400EX, then I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I do.

On my page, I will cover areas of quads, mostly 400EXs.  I have also included some about me and my other interest.

What's New?

7/5/05  I bought a new 450R.  A whole of a lot better than the 400EX.

This is a new site for us 400EX and quad fans
3/25/05 - Launch Of The Site



My brand new 2005 Honda TRX450R


I had my first chance to ride my friend's 450R.  I loved it so much I went and bought one.  It feels like a lightweight 400EX with tons of more power and way better shocks.

Thank You