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Vatiations Of The 400EX
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1999  The first year with some really nice tank graphics.  A red seat with white FourTrax letters.  Honda decals one the front nose and behind the seat in white.


2000  The 2000 model only saw changes with the tank graphics with a larger, black and yellow wing design.


2001  The 2001's had a few cosmetic changes.  The name FourTrax was dropped and was changed to SportTrax on the seat lettering.  Tank graphics stayed about the same.  2001 was also the first year to offer yellow as a color option, along with red still avalible.


2003  The 2003's were almost alike with the 2002's, with only a small change in wing design on the tank graphics.


2002  The seat letters were changed from SportTrax to Honda.  The tank graphics were then changed to SportTrax.  The Honda decals on the nose and behind the seat were changed to black instead of white.


2004  The 2004's recieved a tank graphic change to a "CR style" silver and black wing style.


2005  The newest 400EX has the most changes since 1999.  There is now finally reverse and higher gear ratios.  There is also lots of body change.  There is a new two-piece fender with a 450R hood and headlight assembly.  The side panels are now smooth with no more of the small-hole design.  There is also new graphics and a LED tail/brakelight setup.  The retail price is at it's highest ever at $5,899.